Summertime Songs in C

Summertime Songs in C
with Théo Lawrence

Something rather unexpected happened ...

I was in the train while touring in the Southwest of France when I wrote the beginnings of two sweet-spirited summertime ballads. Light, mellow, and almost too easy, just like the gait of these refined French trains. Two weeks later, without having touched the songs again, I met a fellow folk singer at a little festival south of Paris. Having made plans to meet up and play some music, I thought he might dig the new songs, so I got to work on them again. Things got rolling and in two weeks time we arranged, recorded and are now releasing an EP.

It features two originals and one traditional. All about summertime and traveling, in the old country style, and all in the key of C. Instead of doing things normally, like releasing them on a CD or vinyl, we're releasing them on harmonicas. The harmonica comes with a postcard that has two download codes on it (one for you and one for a friend) plus a little print-out of the lyrics with the guitar chords noted. It's an invitation to learn a new instrument, add some new songs to your campfire repertoire, and enjoy the summer with something new on your playlist.

You can order these little beauties at while supplies last (this is an intensely "limited edition" option). Digital downloads will obviously continue in an unlimited fashion.

Hope you enjoy this new release as much as I have enjoyed preparing it for you!
Happy trails,



Hello again!

I'm back in Paris after my annual hop across the pond - Two months in Canada spent mostly on the West coast, enjoying the ocean and an early Spring, but finishing with a whirlwind tour from Vancouver to Montréal by Greyhound bus.

When I first started touring at eighteen, Greyhounding it across the country was something I could do multiple times a year with ease.  It has been a while since then, and honestly, I didn't have any access to a car, so I decided to refresh my memory.  You can call it a return to the roots, if you like.

The types of people you can meet on the Greyhound are limitless.  There are orthodox families of whichever regional persuasion, sad schizophrenics who've bought three tickets heading in three different directions to throw "them" off, tree planters with their shovels, old men in full denim who sleep like children on your shoulder, grandmothers traveling with bags full of toys for their grandchildren, and the drunks at the back who smoke in the washroom and get kicked off in Wawa at 2am, retrieving their plastic bags of earthly possessions from under the bus before spending the night in the tank.  In total, I spent 82 hours on the bus and travelled 5, 475 kilometers.  You can either view it as romantic or a hellish sort of purgatory, but considering the amount of time, it's in your best interest to dwell on the romantic side.

I seemed to follow the progression of Spring right across Canada and now into France.  Felt almost as if I was acting as the harbinger.  The summer is well on its way now, but hasn't quite arrived in Paris yet.  So, just in case it might help things, on June 5th I embark on another tour of Southern France.  The people I met there during my last tour in January were so kind and chaleureux.  Hopefully I'll manage to collect enough of that Southern warmth to drag the summer back to Paris with me.  I'll let you know how that goes!

Of course, I'll also be playing in Paris throughout the next few months.  The first show is this Sunday (view the facebook event) and for the rest, you can visit my Show Page for more details.

Until next time:  Be good to each other!  I look forward to seeing you all very soon.

All the best to you,





Very happy to announce that I'm going back to Canada for a couple of months!  Spending a bit of time enjoying the early Spring on the West coast and soaking up all the things that you can't find in Paris - the woods, the lost places, the quiet places, and a body of water that's still clean enough (though cold) to throw my own body into.

Of course, I'll be playing a few shows while back in the homeland and you can find all the details you need on my show page.

Europe has been very kind to me over the past six months.  A few of the highlights were playing some larger rooms in Paris as the opening act for groups like Bahamas, Nada Surf, Grant Nicholas, and up-and-comers from London: Palace!  You can see some beautiful photos from the shows on my Facebook Page.  Also check out my Video Page for a new live video shot by my friend Johann Bertelli from my show with Bahamas.  (Look on the bottom right corner to up the quality - the youtube default is fairly low for some reason.)

Another highlight was a January escape - an extremely charming tour in the South-West of France with Galen Hartley (looking handsome on the left).  On top of being a musical artist absolutely worth checking out (listen here), Galen is also an incredibly talented violin maker.  Our little tour ended up including a bunch of luthier workshop visits where the smell of wood was thick, the curled shavings covered the floors, and the handshakes were rough skinned and firm.  It smelled and felt a little like my childhood.

All said and done, 2014 was an exciting year and 2015 is looking to continue to surprise and bless.  Here's to hoping that I get to see you somewhere along the road.

Wishing you all the best from Paris with love,





This September / October, I had the honour of touring Europe with a good friend of mine and inspiring artist, Owen Steel.  It was the first tour that I organized under the banner of the FWBCE - the Friends With Benefits Card Exchange - and certainly not the last!  Thanks to all the amazing people we met along the way.  You're support and encouragement is the reason we keep on going.

Some of you may remember that I started this project a number of months ago to help independent artists work together as things get harder.  The project encourages artists (and music-lovers too!) to distribute download cards for the artists / friends they would like to support the most.

In May, I did a tour of Sweden armed with a few pockets full of Friends With Benefits download cards for Owen Steel.  Shortly afterwards, when contacting some of the venues for setting up another tour in October, and they all wanted to know if I could bring Owen with me.

For more info and also more photos from the tour, visit the blog:
- or -
For more photos and basically no info, visit my new photo blog:

After a little more than a week off, I'm going back on the rails this weekend to start a four show house concert tour in Germany.

Check my Show Page or join the Facebook Event for dates!  These shows are by reservation only, so if you want to come you have to e-mail a request to the contact listed for that date.  And quick, because they almost always sell-out!

That's all for now.
Be good to each other,




Photo by Victoria Boels at Pete the Monkey Festival

Well hello again, Europe!  Happy to be back on the old continent after a summer full of visiting friends and family and playing some good shows for lovely people across Canada.  It's always so good for me to get my dose of the open spaces, to ramble around a bit, and to put some highway under me.  And this summer, I did exactly that. 

Photo by Anne Vegnaduzzo
It started with a wedding and the Calgary Folk Festival, then hitchhiking through the rocky mountains, arriving just in time to perform and then enjoy at Artswells Festival.  After that, I drove down Hwy 99 to Vancouver, and then over to the islands for a couple shows, ocean swims, visits, and to pick up a little farm work.  The highlight of the western Canada part of the trip was to swim with orcas in the day, some dazzling phosphorescence at night, and then watch a blazing meteorite rip through the sky above us - and yes, this was all in one day.
Photo by Anne Vegnaduzzo
Shortly after this ridiculously rare experience, I flew to Montreal to meet my band.  And so starts the eastern Canada highlight.  After a year of not playing together, my band and I regrouped for a few rehearsals and then spent two days in the studio to start preproduction for the next album!

I have to say that this was, by far, my most inspiring studio experience.  Once called the Petite Eglise, the famed converted church where Arcade Fire recorded their album Neon Bible, the Grand Lodge No. 24 has held on to this charged charm and a delicious natural reverb.

All said, the record is still going to take a while to reach your sweet little ears, so why not see a live show?  Here it comes - my next round of European tour dates is updated on my "Shows" page and the Facebook Event is awaiting your confirmations. 

See you soon,

Photo by Anne Vegnaduzzo




I bought a jean jacket a few months ago at a second hand store in Paris.  Please trust me that I'm going somewhere with this...

I surprised myself with this choice.  I certainly needed a new jacket, but with all the options you can find in Paris, the fact that a faded blue denim jacket was what won my forty euros left me regarding myself strangely in shop windows.

How is it that a Canadian finds himself donning the infamous "Canadian tuxedo" for the first time at 26 years old - and in Paris of all possible places?  Am I that homesick?  Maybe ...

But the truth is that you learn a lot more about where you come from and how you continue to carry that within you when you spend time away from home.  This opportunity for objectivity can allow you to claim it in a more conscious way ... and apparently, in my case, a more external way.

Photo by Gabriel Fizer

That said, it's now time to announce that I'm bringing this re-found Canadian character back to where it started for a number of very special shows this August - and with Lilies, my latest release on vinyl, finally pressed, printed, and ready for your analog feelers!

Try to focus more on the dates and the cities than the mustache and attitude.

Photo and layout by Anne Vegnaduzzo

I honestly can't imagine a better way to start the tour than with a stop at my favourite happening of the year - the Artswells Festival of All Things Art!  Hoorah!!!  Along with performing, I'll be leading a showcase / workshop to let people know a bit more about my recent project - Friends With Benefits Card Exchange - an independent artists solidarity initiative!  If you're not already savvy, you can read more about it at


Finally, I'm so incredibly happy to tell you that the plans are coming together to record a new album!  At the end of August, I'll be testing out the potential studio with my dream-team rhythm section (whom you can hear on Lilies) Patrick Latreille and Evan Tighe.  And speaking of dreams - the place we will be recording has previously housed the sounds of musical heavy-weights Timber TimbreBeirutFinal Fantasy, and Feral & Stray.

Yes, it's the notorious Petite Église - a church that was bought and transformed into an idyllic studio by Arcade Fire and the place where they recorded their album Neon Bible.  And again, yes - on top of all this ... they've got a disco ball.

Photo courtesy of

That wraps things up for now.  I hope that the Spring and early summer has treated you all well and that we'll be crossing paths soon.

Thanks for listening.  As my mother used to say, "You're all my favourites."




Hello everyone!  There are some exciting things happening these days - three of which have my particular attention right now, and I think they will earn yours as well!



What better way to welcome the true start of Spring than with five shows through France and Switzerland?  Driving through the sprouting fields, watching the trees blossom and the snow recede up the alps!  This is a photo that I took of some fine friends enjoying dinner together from my last tour in Swiss-land (also in this most beautiful of seasons).  Also, this is going to be my first tour in Europe with a band!!  Excited to show you what we've been working out -

Visit my Shows page for details!



Now available on merch-tables at your local David Simard shows and also through Bandcamp!!

It has been a long time in the making, but they're finally here and they're absolutely gorgeous.  Thanks to Daniel Gelinas, Dimitri Condax, and Jean-Bruno Pinard for making it audible - Patrick Latreille, Jenny Berkel and Evan Tighe for making it listenable - Le Bateau for making it possible - and to Sara from All Sorts Press for making it palpable!!

But most of all, thank you to the lovely people who pre-ordered the record and who have been waiting ever-so-patiently for us to get our ducks in a row.  By the way, they're being sent to your generous hands today!



I’ve spent a good many years touring as an independent musician, dropping friends’ names into sympathetic ears, playing covers of others’ songs and, in general, trying to communicate the beauty and relevancy of the musical community that I’ve personally drawn so much inspiration from.

In this modern age, I’ve noticed that the spoken word doesn’t linger in the mind as long as it used to.

There has to be a better way to sufficiently promote artists whose music I profoundly respect and whose friendships I greatly enjoy!
Therefore, I’d like to propose something that is at once more concrete and symbolic…

To learn more about this little-big side project I've just launched, visit and follow, share, and like.  Artists are joining the project as we speak and I'll be announcing the new FWB card holders soon!

That's all for now, but I'll leave you with a little photo that basically sums it all up in three little suitcases.   Bisous, and see you soon.