Hello everyone!  There are some exciting things happening these days - three of which have my particular attention right now, and I think they will earn yours as well!



What better way to welcome the true start of Spring than with five shows through France and Switzerland?  Driving through the sprouting fields, watching the trees blossom and the snow recede up the alps!  This is a photo that I took of some fine friends enjoying dinner together from my last tour in Swiss-land (also in this most beautiful of seasons).  Also, this is going to be my first tour in Europe with a band!!  Excited to show you what we've been working out -

Visit my Shows page for details!



Now available on merch-tables at your local David Simard shows and also through Bandcamp!!

It has been a long time in the making, but they're finally here and they're absolutely gorgeous.  Thanks to Daniel Gelinas, Dimitri Condax, and Jean-Bruno Pinard for making it audible - Patrick Latreille, Jenny Berkel and Evan Tighe for making it listenable - Le Bateau for making it possible - and to Sara from All Sorts Press for making it palpable!!

But most of all, thank you to the lovely people who pre-ordered the record and who have been waiting ever-so-patiently for us to get our ducks in a row.  By the way, they're being sent to your generous hands today!



I’ve spent a good many years touring as an independent musician, dropping friends’ names into sympathetic ears, playing covers of others’ songs and, in general, trying to communicate the beauty and relevancy of the musical community that I’ve personally drawn so much inspiration from.

In this modern age, I’ve noticed that the spoken word doesn’t linger in the mind as long as it used to.

There has to be a better way to sufficiently promote artists whose music I profoundly respect and whose friendships I greatly enjoy!
Therefore, I’d like to propose something that is at once more concrete and symbolic…

To learn more about this little-big side project I've just launched, visit and follow, share, and like.  Artists are joining the project as we speak and I'll be announcing the new FWB card holders soon!

That's all for now, but I'll leave you with a little photo that basically sums it all up in three little suitcases.   Bisous, and see you soon.


Bienheureux à Paris + Sustainable Music Farmers

Bienheureux à Paris    +    Sustainable Music Farmers

Very happy to be back in Paris.  It's just so exciting here - so full of energy and new (to me) things - some of which are thankfully becoming much more familiar after some time well spent.  The artistic climate is stimulating, and of course, the change of pace always energizes and provides some new perspective.

I spent December and January back in Canada, traveling around for a couple great shows, delectable holiday time with my family, visits with friends, and then some time for myself.  I've spent a lot of energy in the last few months discussing and thinking about the ethics of music consumption and the role that we, the producers of music, play in it.  Last week I checked in on a musician and artist that I've grown to have a great respect for since stumbling into his show at my friendly neighbourhood bookstore, Shakespeare & Co.  He's a fellow ex-pat of sorts, and I would love to share a recent post of his, called "Why Music is Food".  It's a humble, yet heavily on-point description of how to remain (or to become) an ethical consumer on the music front.  And, of course, this is also a chance to share his music with you.  His new LP Between Dogs and Wolves has been spinning steady here at the house and if you're a fan of my music, I'm sure he'll strike a chord with you as well.  Bonus info for those of you in Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec City - if you're quick on the draw you just might be able to catch him play in your city this Wednesday (tonight), Thursday, and Friday, respectively.  You can check his tour details after reading this:
I hope you enjoy the read, and speaking of which, I should let you know that I'll be launching a blog soon.  It will feature some of my photos and words which have a hard time finding their place elsewhere.

That's all for now, but I'll be back within the next week to announce my first concert in Paris and my tour schedule around Europe.  I hope you're all well, and to see you very soon!



Malgré tout on rit à Saint-Henri

"Malgré tout on rit à Saint-Henri"

Back in Montreal, hanging with a slightly more modern version of "Les enfants de Saint-Henri".  It's always great to come back here - seeing old friends, old neighbourhoods, new shows.  The cold has been a bit of a shock, so I've been hiding from the Winter by spending good time rehearsing with the two dapper young men who will perform with me at my show this week.

I started going to Bar de Courcelle years ago when I lived here in Saint-Henri.  It was a grungy old country bar that had live bands and line-dancing every Friday and Saturday.  Big old wagon wheel on the front of the stage - gold tinsel curtain at the back.  When I heard it was being sold, I worried about TV screens everywhere and Molson endorsements hanging from the ceiling.  Thankfully, they chose to hang on the the rustic side of things instead and to continue the folk and country music programming.  It's a little more classy but, aside from the missing wagon wheel, the charm has remained intact.

Also, I should mention that at this very moment, while writing this little update for you, the lacquers for my 10" vinyl EP are being cut.  Very exciting.  If you'd like to be the first to receive one of these darlings in January, then come down to the show and buy an EP pre-order download card or visit my Bandcamp.

See you this Wednesday at Bar de Courcelle!  Show runs from 9:30 to 11:30 or so.  Two sets and a piano.
Click here for the Facebook Event

Very excited for this show and this venue.  Hope you can come and celebrate with us - I won't be back in Montreal for a long long while. 



PS - Did you notice the new background image?  Thanks Antoine Corriveau!




With rumors of snow hanging in the air around Paris this week, I feel two worlds crossing and calling to each other.  Leaving the rainy city for a snowy one very soon and, as always, I'm experiencing a mix of excited emotions between leaving and arriving.  In this case, the two feel quite balanced, and I'm announcing two events that symbolize this.

First - my last show in Paris is tonight (Vendredi, le 22) at Les Voutes.  I'll be accompanied by the band that I've brought together over the last two months I've been here and enjoying one last soirée before hopping on a plane back to Canada.
Facebook Event for tonight's show.

Second - This plane will be bringing me back to the beloved city of Montréal to taste a little of the cold and the culture that I missed this last year.  I'll be playing a show back in my old neighbourhood of Saint-Henri at the fantastic Bar de Courcelle on December 11th.  Might even have some special guests performing with me - have to wait and see!

Looking forward to seeing so many people I love in these next few weeks - some for "à bientôt" and some for "it's been a while".  I hope to see your face there too ; )




Back From Tour // Last Month in Paris


Merci beaucoup - und danke schön - och tak - en dank u!  My second European tour was a real treat - a million thanks to the wonderful people who helped organize some fantastic nights, who took care of us with food and beds.  And a very special thank you to the people who came to the shows and showed their appreciation for live music.  It was a pleasure to share my stories and songs with you.

Now, with less than a month left in Paris, I'm trying to enjoy as much as I can the city and the friends that I've made here.  The band and I have two shows left in town and the fist one is tonight at L'Alimentation Général!  I would love to see you there.

The last show will be at Les Voutes on November 22nd with special guest Dawn.  There will be a special edition poster made for this one by San Francisco artist Michael Kershnar - looking forward to that!

And for one last piece of news, Nova Magazine just published a quite extensive portrait article on me, so if you feel like reading a little more, it's right Here.

Talk to you soon, and hope to see you sooner!




My first two weeks back in Paris have been wonderful.  I have a new band who has already put two great shows under its belt, I've reconnected with old friends and even enjoyed a trip to the countryside for a long overdue walk in the open spaces.  The Fall is a beautiful time to be here - with the vine leaves starting to change colour and the scarves starting to show around the necks and shoulders of the city-folk.  I've been reading Perfume by the Seine most mornings.  Sensory overload!

Out of this feeling of fullness, of harvest, something very exciting is being born into the world this coming week.  In May, I recorded an EP with some fantastic players in Montréal and it is now available online with the option of a pre-order.  The limited edition 10" vinyl, with beautiful letter-pressed jackets custom-made by All Sorts Press, will be mailed to your door as something to look forward to in the dreary month of January.  Finally - a cure for those vinyl shakes!

We'll be celebrating the online and pre-sale launch here in Paris on October 4th.  It will be a very intimate show at Au Petit Théâtre du Bonheur, which only has 30 seats, so show up early if you can.  I'll be continuing the launch with a tour through Europe starting October 9th, with shows in Germany, Sweden, The Netherlands and France.  Check my Shows Page for details.  The Canadian release tour will start at the end of January on the East Coast and will continue to the West, so don't you worry that I've forgotten about you - just check back soon for the release party near you.

If you'd like to receive updates on my music, movements and musings, please e-mail with "Mailing List" in the subject line and we'll keep in good touch.



Thinking on August

Another Beautiful Summer

I'm sitting on the top deck of the Queen of Cowichan, soaking up the last bit of sunshine while sailing straight towards some mean looking clouds that are pressing themselves down over Vancouver Island.

I left Northern BC with a little reluctance yesterday afternoon.  That part of the world still feels like home to me no matter how long I've been away.  The last few months gave me some time in the woods and the mountains, on the water, the rails, the highways, and with good friends at some of my favourite festivals.  I think I personally put away about two litres of wild blueberries and god knows how many blackberries, thimble berries. raspberries, huckleberries, and saskatoon berries (in wine form as well!).  And ... as a small point of pride ... I tried smoking my own salmon for the first time and it actually turned out beautifully!

After less than three hours of sleep and more than twenty-four hours of travel, I'll say goodbye for now with the promise to check back in soon.  Hope you're all wrapping up your summers in the way you love to best.  For myself, I'll be elbow deep in farm dirt for the next two weeks.